F. Tim Pease providing expert witness testimony, consulting and failure and analysis for marine engineering, drilling rig design and construction, offshore drilling rig operations and other associated oil, gas and oilfield operation

9692 Longmont Drive, Houston, Texas 77063
Fax/Phone: (713) 467-6010


Advisory services and litigation support from a senior management point of view.

Over 44 years experience in Petroleum sector of energy business with focus on maritime transport, maritime construction and offshore production. Offering support, consulting and expert witness services to Law and Naval Architecture firms related to the energy industry.

Proficient in the fields of: marine construction; drilling rig design and construction; offshore drilling rig operations (including mooring); technology licensing and the other associated oil, gas and oilfield operations.

Has provided expert testimony, given depositions and served as an expert witness for arbitrations, jury trials and single judge hearings (in federal court).


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